Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Verdict

Today we saw W's GI doctor and received the verdict on whether or not he needs to have the G-tube placed as scheduled on August 2nd. But first, an update on daily life. The last couple of days he has been eating!! I mean really eating, more than just a few bites a meal. I don't think it made a difference however, his weight today was down from his weight at the pediatrician's last week. Some of this can be attributed to different scales, but now he is no longer on the charts. Who knew 5 ounces could make such a difference :(.
So we are a go for the G-tube placement on August 2nd. His GI doctor really thinks he will have to have the feedings for a few months yet since he isn't (generally) really eating much, if at all. We have mixed emotions regarding having the G-tube placed, but try to remind ourselves to trust in God and that He has placed Wyatt in the right hands and helped the doctors to make the decisions for Wyatt's best interest.
We also have to try to get 35 ounces of fluid down him a day. Sixteen ounces will be easy because that is what he gets in his tube every night. The rest will be a challenge. I do know we will be doing a lot more gavaging during the day, but I guess that is just how it is. I also spent some time on the phone trying to explain to my 80 year old mother-in-law about the G-tube and to try to calm some of her fears and misconceptions from what other people have told her. I think she understands, I am going to make copies of some of the booklets to show her pictures, I think this will help her. Feeding therapy tomorrow.

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