Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally on the Growth chart

Yesterday, W had swim lessons. I don't get it, at home, he is a fish and does most everything without crying, at swim lessons, we can't even get him to play on the step without crying. We are doing swimming to help strengthen his upper body. He will hold his breath, which I think is good for a 20 month old. He cried hard enough, he threw up his feeding tube (which may have been partially my fault, since the tape needed reinforcing and I didn't have any with me).
Afterwards, he had an appointment with his pediatrician. He is starting to cry every time a doctor examines him. I am sure it is just because he is overwhelmed with seeing physicians, he doesn't mind if they are in the room, just when they are touching him. All are very gentle, I think he is just done! The best news, he is finally back on the growth chart, this is the first time since he fell off over a year ago!!!!!!!!! I know it is because of the calories he gets at night in his feeding tube. He is only at the 1% , but he is on it!! The pediatrician also suggested we discuss with our OT if physical therapy is needed. I will have my husband do this on Saturday as I will not be here for therapy on Saturday.
He had feeding therapy today. He took a couple of licks of frozen yogurt, but that was it. He was not impressed with it on his hands or with the muffin either. He generally just plays and giggles and doesn't eat. But, at least it is not stressful for him, which eating generally is. We did not replace his tube last night because we didn't get home until late from picking my husband up from the airport. He didn't eat more today, but he did drink well. He drank 12 ounces of his milk by noon, it usually takes him until 4 or 5pm to drink 8 ounces. It probably helped it was 117 degrees here today! It was nice for him to have a break from his tube, but we will replace it tonight and back to the same old. I dread putting his tube in.
Today, we had feeding therapy

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