Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, W is doing well regarding his PEG tube. He doesn't like the site cleaned but I haven't given him anything for pain for 5 days. It was an uneventful week until Thursday. On Thursday, W's feeding therapist informed me that she is moving and will no longer be coming to see W starting September 1st. This is a huge bummer for us as we have been working with her since March. We will really miss her, we are fortunate to have an awesome Occupational therapist (OT) already on board. Our OT specializes in kids with feeding issues so she is going to focus on eating more and still try to work with some of his sensory issues, since a lot of the issues go hand in hand.
W has also decided the last two days to go on an eating strike, unlike most kids this means he has not put a single bite in his mouth for two days! I am about in tears, I really don't want him to totally regress

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  1. So sorry you are going through this. Call or text if you need ANYTHING!!